oxyCLONE 40 Site Cloning System

oxyCLONE 40 is a simple, compact, recirculating cloning system. It works with a variety of cuttings, allowing you to have a perpetual garden year-round. Now powered by Active Aqua’s premium, BPA-free water and air pumps! The submersible pump delivers constant turbulence to your reservoir while the attached Venturi valve naturally draws in air bubbles. For maximum aeration, the single-outlet Active Aqua air pump provides a constant flow of dissolved oxygen through a circular 4" air diffuser. No other cloner delivers dissolved oxygen like the oxyCLONE!


  • Maximum oxygenation
  • Won't leak or clog
  • Evaporative cooling means less retained heat
  • Powered with Active Aqua premium pumps


  • Item #: OX40SYS
  • Manufacturer: OxyClone

oxyCLONE 40 Site Cloning System

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