iPonic 624 Two Zone Grow Room Controller

The iPonic 624

Link4 is proud to introduce the iPonic 624, a new commercial grade hydroponic controller that controls 2 grow rooms from 1 controller, with the same quality and reliability that customers have come to expect from Link4.

Efficient and Economical

Typically, 2 grow rooms would require 2 controllers or 2 sets of timers, plus additional equipment. The iPonic 624 delivers all-in-one control over 2 grow rooms from the touchscreen of one controller. One of the advantages is the automated flipping of 12-hour light cycles in separate rooms, which lowers both amp usage and electricity bills.

Save Time While Improving Crop Yields

The iPonic 624 controls CO2, Light, Temperature, Humidity, Recycle Timers, Vent Fans, High Temperature Shut-off, Central air conditioning and heating – plus your own custom devices. It works with your existing equipment, and can accommodate up to 8 120-volt outlets over two rooms. Includes (ADD 8) 120-volt outlets – (ADD 8) fully programmable for combination of devices, Set your controls for both rooms from one panel and you're done!

Large Touch Screen Display

The large backlit display instantly shows you the status of all devices and settings. The simple touch control buttons makes checking and changing settings simple.

Remote Communications and Control

With the optional communications module, the iPonic 624 controller can be monitored and controlled by a smart phone, PC or other Internet device – from anywhere in the world.


2 Zone Controller
• Everything you need to control 2 zones, with 2 sensors - 1 for each zone
• Zone 1 and Zone 2 can be completely, independently controlled
• Communication module is included

8 Flexible Programmable Power Outlets
• CO2 device outlet
• Dehumidifier device outlet
• Grow light outlets
• Fan outlets
• Custom devices

Two Combination Sensors Included
• Temperature
• Humidity
• CO2 sensor
• Light sensor
• 16 ft sensor cable (optional extension cable available)

Independent Setpoints for Each Zone
• Day/Night CO2 Setpoints
• Day/Night Temperature Setpoints
• Day/Night Humidity Setpoints
• Light Duration

Built-in Data Logging
• Use USB drive to store/restore data & settings
• Graph data right on the controller display
• Review sensor data for easy trouble shooting

Special Features
• CO2 exhaust fan shut-off
• Dual bank light control
• Fuzzy logic CO2 control

• Email & text notifications
• Easy access to all readings and settings from your phone
• Communication card included

Ease of Use 
• 120 volt/15 amp input with resettable breaker
• Large readable touch screen display (auto darkens mode)
• UL and Canadian UL approved

  • Item #: LC9951124
  • Manufacturer: Link4 Corporation

iPonic 624 Two Zone Grow Room Controller

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