Titan Controls Atlas 1 - Adjustable CO2 Monitor/Controller

The Titan Controls CO2 control line integrates multiple features, all designed to help your growing automation be as easy and seamless as possible.

The Atlas 1 delivers precise CO2 control! This easy to use controller is the leading edge in CO2 release & control in your growing environment. Just dial in your setpoint and the Atlas 1 does the rest of the work for you! It maintains the perfect level of CO2 to allow your plants to reach their maximum potential.

  • Digital control board delivers precision CO2 control
  • Maximize your garden's CO2 level while minimizing CO2 tank or LP consumption
  • Adjust CO2 set point or modify elevation with just two buttons
  • Can control both bottled CO2 tanks or CO2 generators!
  • Controls any CO2 equipment that is operated by 120 volt power
  • Durable powder coated, steel enclosure will stand up to the toughest conditions
  • Adds CO2 only during daylight period by using the controllers integrated photocell
  • 50 parts per million (ppm) deadband/hysteresis built into set point
  • Memory retains controllers settings even when the power is off
  • ETL listed for use in commercial applications
  • 15 amps/120 Volt/60 Hz
  • 3 year warranty



Caution: Sulphur vaporization can damage your controller! To protect your controller, it is important to disconnect and cover the Atlas 1 by wrapping with a plastic bag OR remove the controller from the grow area while using sulphur vaporizers in your grow room.  Titan Controls can analyze and detect CO2 components that have been contaminated & damaged by sulphur vaporization.  We reserve the right to not repair these defective units under warranty, however we can repair & return your Atlas 1 for a fee, if you'd like us to.

Q: Does my Titan controller need to be calibrated?

A: No, your controller has been factory calibrated and is ready for service when you take it out of the box.  Each unit will provide years of use and will maintain its settings without any further changes required.  Please contact us at 888-808-4826, if you think that your calibration is not correct and we can help you out.

Q:  What is the recommended setting for my Atlas 1 CO2 Monitor/Controller?

A:  We have pre-set the part per million (ppm) at 1000 ppm.  This should be sufficient to increase the CO2 to the level that will provide positive results for your plants.  The industry standard is 1000 ppm to 1500 ppm.  We don't recommend that you exceed 1500 ppm due to health considerations.

Q:  My CO2 monitor/controller is reading really high all the time.  What's wrong with it?

A:  We hear this a lot.  The main issue is the 2000 ppm of CO2 we exhale when we're breathing.  If you're in your room and you see that the ppm is high, leave the area for an hour or so and turn off your CO2 source, then peek your head in and check the reading, it should be reading under 1000 ppm mattering on how well your room is sealed.  After observing your CO2 Monitor/Controller for awhile, you'll start to see what your normal ppm level is in your room.  The normal outdoor ppm is 400 ppm to 600 ppm based on where you live (city vs. rural).

Q:  Should I run my CO2 at night?

A:  No, you shouldn't.  Plants photosynthesize CO2 only during the daylight hours.  At night, the plants expire CO2 and have no use for CO2.  So, save yourself some money and only dose CO2 during daylight hours when it does the most good for the plants.

Q: I'd like to control a water cooled CO2 generator with the Atlas 1. How many horsepower (HP) can the Atlas 1 handle?

A:  The Atlas 1 can control up to a 1/2 HP pump based on the relay technology that is used in the product.

Support your local community. This product is proudly made in the USA!

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  • Manufacturer: Titan Controls

Titan Controls Atlas 1 - Adjustable CO2 Monitor/Controller

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