Titan Controlls Apollo 15 - Day/Night Digital Cycle Timer

Probably the most accurate short cycle timer in the industry today! The Apollo 15 day/night digital short cycle timer provides the grower with precise timing schedules for their CO2, pumps, fans, etc. It has a countdown digital display to show the gardener the time left in their schedule. Apollo 15 is winging it's way to a garden near you! Thanks for considering Titan Controls!

  • The Apollo 15 digital timer controls day & night schedules
  • 5 seconds to 60 minutes "ON TIME"
  • 1 minute to 12 hours "OFF TIME"
  • Precise digital short cycle timing for CO2, pumps and fans
  • "Countdown" bar graph display shows time remaining in schedule
  • 15 Amps/120 Volts/60 Hz.
  • 1 year warranty

Q: What is the maximum operating temperature for the Apollo 15?

A: The maximum operating temperature for the Apollo 15 is 122°F. Operating the Apollo 15 in temperatures higher then 122° F will significantly reduce the lifespan of the device being plugged into the Apollo 15.

  • Item #: 734160
  • Manufacturer: Titan Controls

Titan Controls Apollo 15 - Day/Night Digital Cycle Timer

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