SolarStorm 880W LED w/UVB

The SolarStorm 880 is the most powerful LED grow light on the market. It features 176 high power 5 watt LED emitters for a total nominal power of 880 watts (176 x 5). The SolarStorm 880 has two unique features: A switch to change the light spectrum from Veg to Bloom and supplemental built-in UV-B bulbs.

Having the ability to switch your light fixture between Veg and Bloom allows for lush vegetative growth and power savings in Veg mode while maximizing intensity and delivering the best yield in Bloom mode.

The SolarStorm 880 also features a unique supplemental UV-B mode which is essential to develop higher potency harvest. The UVB bulbs are typically turned on during final few weeks or "finishing" phase of the grow cycle to boost the potency of the final harvest.

• 176 Super High Flux US made 5 Watt LED emitter diodes
• Switchable, optimized color spectrum for both vegetative and flowering phases of plant growth
• Built-in 2 X 15 Watt UV-B T8 tubes with a separate switch
• High efficiency universal voltage power supplies
• Uniform 90 degree jewel quality glass primary optics, no secondary optics

• High photo-synthetic photon flux (PPF) to penetrate canopy and deliver unparalleled yield results
• Lush vegetative growth and power savings in Veg mode, maximum intensity and best yield in Bloom mode
• Further enhance final plant product quality and boost potency during finishing phase
• Worldwide power support, 40-50% Power savings over HID based systems
• Uniform, 4' x 4' core coverage area, no wasted light

First, there is a big difference between UVA and UVB. UVA is a natural part of the deep blue spectrum and is included in most high end LED grow lights (except the cheaper models from China). UVB is much further into the ultra violet spectrum range and is somewhat damaging to plants - especially near the equator where UVB is very high. Cannabis strains native to the regions near the equator have evolved a special coating to protect their reproductive cycle. This coating is accelerated whenever the plant detects UVB. This coating is called THC.

UVB light can increase THC percentages by an average of 28%. This is only needed in the last two or three weeks of bloom.


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  • Item #: CLW0400
  • Manufacturer: California Lightworks

SolarStorm 880W LED w/UVB

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