Sensi Grand Master Nutrient Package - Sm.

This package is everything you need for a small-sized grow (10 gallon reservoir) following the Advanced Nutrients Grand Master Grower Level feed chart for a 10 week cycle:

Sensi Grow A/B 1 L

Sensi Bloom A/B 1 L

VooDoo Juice 250 ml

Big Bud 250 ml

B-52 250 ml

Overdrive 250 ml

Piranha 250 ml

Bud Candy 250 ml

Flawless Finish 250 ml

Tarantula 250 ml

Nirvana 250 ml

Sensizym 250 ml

Bud Ignitor 250 ml

Rhino Skin 250 ml

Bud Factor X 250 ml


At the end of a grow using this package, there will be some leftovers for your next grow.



  • Item #: SGMNPS
  • Manufacturer: Advanced Nutrients

Sensi Grand Master Nutrient Package - Sm.

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