Secret Jardin Lodge (L90) 2x3 Grow Tent

Two completely separate chambers contain three distinct growing areas, enabling you to neatly arrange and individually manage plants that are at different stages of development.

Small-scale growers can use the Secret Jardin Lodge as a complete mini grow room, placing flowering plants in the main space and a small mother plant, cuttings/seedlings and early vegetative growth plants on the ground level and shelf of the other compartment. For larger-scale set ups, the tent will do a great job at housing big mother plants or early vegetative growth plants in the main section while accommodating small mother plants and cuttings/seedlings in the other area, split between the two levels.

The frame and canvas of the Secret Jardin Lodge are both very durable, combining to form a super strong shell that lets the tent support a maximum load of 44 lbs – ideal for the hanging of lighting units and a carbon filter (if necessary). It has Mylar-lined interior walls, roofing and flooring to ensure that the light output from grow lights is fully utilized.

Other great features include viewing windows with removable light baffles, vents, ports and access holes for cabling and air intake/exhaust purposes.

  • Item #: SJL90
  • Manufacturer: Secret Jardin

Secret Jardin Lodge (L90) 2x3 Grow Tent

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