Royal Gold Coco Fiber 1.5 cu ft

Loose Coco can be used in Hydroponics, pots and containers, beds and most other growing techniques. Seedlings, cuttings, and rooted clones thrive in Royal Gold Coco!

Start your plants off with a wet to dry schedule. After plants are established, feedings can increase. Root bound pots can be fed 1 to 6 times a day (depending on size of plant and size of container it is in).

Be sure to feed often at the recommended application rate from any complete nutrient system. It is recommended that you use either a coco specific nutrient or supplement Calcium and Magnesium as coco soils use this at a higher rate!

Royal Gold is proud to have been the first coco pith based soil company in the United States. Made from the husk of the Coconut, Coconut coir naturally contains large amounts of Potassium that are made available throughout its growth cycle and cannot be washed away. In peat based soils, Potassium is quickly leached and needs to be supplemented. The result of all this Potassium is strong stems which support large, beautiful flowers!

All of Royal Gold Coco is imported from Sri Lanka and shipped to Arcata, CA where we process it with the utmost care. We understand the value of this renewable resource and know how to treat the fiber without damaging it.

How Our Organic Potting Soil is Exceptional

First, the coco bricks are processed into fine grinds with our new cutting edge equipment. Then, a unique hydration process begins which ensures the material is properly pH balanced and the salinity is at a minimum.  Finally, we add the highest quality compost tea and a unique biological control that eliminates the chance of unwanted soil born bugs. These steps combined create our excellent potting soils, resulting in higher yields, better flavor, with greater consistency in finished product.

Organic Potting Soil; Coco vs. Peat Moss

There are several reasons why gardening in Coco is much better than gardening in peat based soils; First, and foremost, concern for the environment. Peat should not be seen as a sustainable product because it takes hundreds of years to form. Peat bogs also contain huge amounts of carbon- twice as much as the forest do worldwide. Once the peat bogs are dried out, the carbon is released into the atmosphere contributing to global warming. None of our natural resources have been depleted in the making of our product because coconuts fall to the ground every day. Coco coir can also be used up to five times, saving you time and money. When you are finished with the coir, simply mix into your outdoor garden or yard.

Another significant problem with peat moss mixes is when they dry out, they become very difficult to rewet. The soil then actually repels more water than it absorbs! The soil shrinks inside the pot, pulling away from the sides and damaging the roots. When coco becomes dry, it doesn’t shrink inside the pot and is easily rewet.

Support your local community. This product is proudly made in the USA!

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Royal Gold Coco Fiber 1.5 cu ft

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