Premium 2 Plant DWC High Yield Package

This is the smallest in our premium line of complete deep water culture (DWC) packages.  We have spent countless hours researching, testing and analyzing products to create a hydro package that would surpass all others, one with only the industry's top-rated, premium products - The Gold Standard.

This 2 plant DWC package will fit inside the smallest of nooks, yet yields heavy harvests! It includes a deeply oxygenated DWC hydroponic system, a complete premium nutrient program from the Netherlands, high intensity lighting, the strongest grow tent on the market, and absolutely everything else you will need to complete a stellar grow!

The complete package includes all of the following*: 

Tent: GrowLab 60

The GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room has all the features you could ask for - and more! Outfit the GrowLab with the ventilation fan, lighting system and growing system of your choice and you will have the brightest, slickest, most affordable grow room available. Introducing the next generation in portable grow rooms - The GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room.

Exterior Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 63"

Lighting: Complete 150W High Pressure Sodium lighting system

  • Mini Sunburst 150W electronic ballast
  • 150W High Pressure Sodium bulb
  • Set of two light hangers
  • 8 outlet strip with timer

Grow system: GYO 2 plant deep water culture complete hydroponic garden

The GYO 2 Plant Deluxe Package uses individual planters connected to a main air pump to create a highly oxygenated Deep Water Culture System (DWC). DWC is one of the fastest and simplest methods of hydroponic growing!


  • Two (2) 3 gallon food-grade plastic bubble pods - reservoirs & bucket basket lids
  • 2 outlet air pump 
  • Air stones
  • Growing medium for 2 plants
  • 1/4" airline tubing
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • A garden monitoring log 
  • Expert support from the GYO staff!

Odor Control:

  • Premium Carbon Filter 
  • Hyper Fan 6" - Best cfm/watt in the industry, with attached fan-speed controller
  • Aluminum Duct Tape, 10yds, for seamless fan/filter attachement
  • Bug Shield, 6in, to attach to the open end of your Hyper fan 6" 
  • 25 feet of Air Duct 6" of optional ducting, depending on your fan/filter placement you may not need it. 

Nutrients: All of our premium packages include House & Garden nutrients, because it's the best! This package includes everything you need to feed 2 plants from start to finish following the complete House & Garden feed chart for a 10 week cycle: 

  • Aqua Flakes A/B, 1 L
  • Drip Clean, 250 ml
  • Roots Excelurator Silver, 250 ml
  • Amino Treatment, 250 ml
  • Multi Zen, 1 L
  • Magic Green, 250 ml
  • Nitrogen Boost, 250 ml
  • Bud XL, 1 L
  • Top Booster, 500 ml
  • Shooting Powder, 1 Sachet

 At the end of a grow using this package, there will be some leftovers for your next grow!

pH Control: Complete, professional pH monitoring and adjusting tools

  • Digital Bluelab pH pen
  • Bluelab pH cleaning & calibration kit
  • Bluelab pH probe storage solution
  • General Hydroponics pH Up Base Quart
  • General Hydroponics pH Down Acid Quart


  • 6" Clip on fan
  • Nutrient measuring tools
  • Single pipette 5ml measure
  • Mini measure shot glass measuring cup
Book: All of our premium packages include the incredibly thorough Gardening Indoors w/ Hydroponics Book, an essential tool in every indoor gardener's toolbox. 
*You may alter this package in any way that you wish if you order in-store or by phone. Call us if you have any questions about this or other products on this site. We appreciate all inquiries.

What can you grow in this system? This system is perfect for growing large plants such as: tomatoes, peppers, cannabis, beans, melons, pumpkins, etc. 

Expectations: When this system is properly installed and all operating conditions (humidity, temperature, etc.) are properly maintained, here's what you can expect this system to produce. This is an approximation/estimation. There are many factors that determine final overall output.

Average yield (every 3 months) 4 ounces
Monthly cost to operate (electricity, nutrients)   $48
Cost per ounce $36.19


Wanna be sure you operate this system correctly? Sign up for our Hydro 101 class.

Support your local community. This package includes components manufactured in the United States – right here in Massachusetts!

  • Item #: GYOP2PDH
  • Manufacturer: GYOstuff

Premium 2 Plant DWC High Yield Package

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