PowerPAR LED Bulb - Blue

PARsource's powerPAR LED bulbs deliver spectrum specific light directly onto targeted plants. This advanced light source is sophisticated in technology, yet exceptionally easy to operate. The compact design fits into standard E26 sockets for easy installation.

Available in far red, red, white, and blue providing spectrum enhancement for many growing applications.

This blue LED works as a growth booster that will promote stem growth and reduce internodal length.

  • Superior thermal design for heat management system lets the bulb run efficiently for long periods
  • Coverage area: 2 foot diameter
  • Height from plant: 12" to 18"
  • Power supply: 120V AC (Input), 24V DC (Output)
  • Power usage: 15W
  • Item #: PPB1002
  • Manufacturer: ParSource

PowerPAR 15W LED Bulb - Blue

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