Power Cloner 45 White w/ Dome

Botanicare Powers Cloners underwent a series of improvements and modifications to provide gardens of all sizes consistent, reliable production. Redeveloped with a Botanicare low profile reservoir these systems decrease propagation time and now include the following network of features and benefits:

• Unique Botanicare Cord Guide designed to block sprayed solution & improve cord management
• Drainage grid with a recessed pump
• An Internally Seated Tray
• Humidome options*
• Customizable points for installation of spouts and fittings
• Botanicare Ceramic Airstones with Air Pump
• Water Volume Indicator
• Dense Neoprenes

*Black Power Cloners do not include a Humidome. Humidome can be purchased separately.

Support your local community. This product is proudly made in the USA!

  • Item #: BCHSCLPCWA45
  • Manufacturer: Botanicare

Power Cloner 45 White w/ Dome

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