Olivia's Cloning Solution, 1 gal
  • Stimulates rapid root development.
  • Feeds new cuttings as they root.
  • 90%-100% success rate.
  • Eliminates transplant shock.
  • Superior start and growth.
  • For all plants - indoor and outdoor.
  • For the home hobbyist or professional.
  • In liquid and gel form.
  • For hydroponics and soil.
  • Safe and easy to use.

Olivia’s Cloning solution is the best plant cloning solution for over 25 years that promotes root growth in hydroponic environments for all indoor and outdoor plants - be it ornamentals or any and all flowers, fruits and vegetables. The plant cloning solution is a liquid perfect for hydroponic cloning and is safe and easy to use and available in both quarts and gallon sizes.

Support your local community. This product is proudly made in the USA!

  • Item #: OCS4
  • Manufacturer: Olivia's Solution

Olivia's Cloning Solution, 1 gal

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