MovinCool CM12 - 10,500 BTU Ceiling-Mount Air Conditioner
  • 10,500 Btu/h at 80ºF 50% RH (Evaporator) & 95ºF 40% RH (Condenser)
  • 13,000 Btu/h at 95ºF 60% RH
  • 115V, 15 amps - no special electric required
  • No floor space needed
  • Fits into tight ceiling spaces - only 15.5" tall.

The Perfect Spot Cooling Solution For Cramped Rooms.

With more than 20 years of spot cooling experience, MovinCool is uniquely qualified to deliver the perfect small-space solution - the CM12, ceiling-mount spot air conditioner. With the lowest top-to-bottom profile in the industry, it’s a great choice for areas where space is limited and offers several significant advantages over fan coils.

The CM12 is engineered to save you Space, Time and Cost...

Save Space

Ceiling mounting eliminates need for floor space. This is a perfect choice for small rooms.

Save Time

Designed for quick and easy installation with built-in flanges and mounting brackets.

Save Costs

Quick installation when compared to a fan coil unit reduces labor costs and spot cooling is an energy-efficient alternative to central air conditioning.


Cooling Capacity
Rating Conditions: 95°F at 60% RH
10,500 Btu/h 1,2
Electrical Characteristics
Voltage Requirement
1 Phase, 115V
Total Power Consumption 1.23 kW 1,2
Current Consumption 11.9 amps 1,2
Recommended Fuse Size 15 amps
NEMAPlug Configuration N/A
Min. Max. Voltage 105 - 125
Motor Output
0.04/0.013 kW Evap.
0.1/0.025kW Cond.
Max.Air Flow high/low 324/228 CFM 1
Max.External Static Pressure 0.16 IWG
Max.Air Flow high/low 700/370 CFM
Max.External Static Pressure 0.12 IWG
Hermetic Rotary
Output 0.89 kW
1.14 lb
W x D x H
35 x 23 x 15.5 in
Net Weight/Shipping Weight
128/141 lb
Power Cord
Length N/A
Condensate Pump Capacity
Pump Rate
5 gal/h
Head 4 ft.
Operating Conditions
Min. Max. (@ 50% RH)
65° - 95° F (Evaporator) 1
65° - 113° F (Condenser) 1
Max. Duct Length
Per Cold Duct Hose
20 ft 2
HotDuct Hose 10 ft 2
Max. Sound Level
With Condenser - Duct high/low
52 dB(A)
Without Condenser - Duct high/low NA/NA

1 Measured with two 6 ft ducts with one 90° bend each, supply grill and return grill with filter (0.16 IWG external static pressure) (ducts not included)

2 Confirm pressure drop of duct, grills and filter with manufacturer's specifications (ducts not included)

Note: All specifications subject to change without notice.
  • Item #: 700096
  • Manufacturer: MovinCool

MovinCool CM12 - 10,500 BTU Ceiling-Mount Air Conditioner

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