MiniGen Water Cooled CO2 Generator

Designed for small enclosures, this compact CO2 generator provides the gas you need to boost your plants growth without taking up valuable space inside your garden. This generator is the first of it's kind and can be used with or without water cooling. Hooks up to any standard propane tank (the kind your gas grill uses).

  • Small size, 6" x 7" x 10"; weighs 10 lbs.
  • 1,250 BTU an hour.
  • 1.5 cubic feet per hour of CO2 output.
  • Anti-tip sensor.
  • Electronic ignition.
  • No pilot light.
  • Chain hang or wall mount.
  • Includes 12' propane hose and regulator.
  • Perfect for gardens up to 10'x10'

Attaching Water Lines:

The MiniGEN heat exchanger has hose barb inlet and outlets designed for 1/2" inside diameter tubing.

We recommend a pump with a flow rate of at least 500 GPH if you choose to water cool the MiniGEN.

You can use a small (5 gallon) reservoir with a small chiller or, if you'd prefer not to use a chiller, a larger reservoir alone (minimum 25 gallons; depending on your application, a larger reservoir might be required).

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  • Item #: HSMGEN
  • Manufacturer: Hydro Innovations

MiniGen Water Cooled CO2 Generator

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