MetaVega 1/4" Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets, Set of 2

Metavega’s new HEAVY DUTY rope ratchets (2 per pack) are perfect for hanging XXXL Hoods, filters and other horticulture equipment. These 1/4" rope ratchets  have metal (gear locking) components to provide extra protection that ensures the safety of the equipment that is being secured or hung with confidence.  The metal gear locking mechanisms are not standard materials being used by other manufacturers. Our product is heavy duty and will hold up to 300 pounds easy!

Perfect for hanging reflectors, fans, and any other garden accessory that needs to be secure.

  • Hook ends pull tight to secure load
  • Automatically locks in place
  • Includes auto feed rope dial
  • 300 lb. load limit (150 lbs per ratchet)
  • 1/4" metal hooks
  • 8' Solid Braided Polypropylene Rope (1/4' diameter)
  • One per pack



  • Item #: MV14
  • Manufacturer: MetaVega

MetaVega 1/4" Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets, Set of 2

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