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Grow 1 Universal Cell Phone Microscope + Clip Gro1 Digital Microscope 300x Carson Optical MagniScope
Grow 1 Universal Cell Phone Microscope + ClipGro1 Digital Microscope 300xCarson Optical MagniScope

Clip on microscope for smart phones; perfect for examining trichomes and pests.

Awesome! Takes video & photos; works with PC's and Mac's.

Most unusual and useful magnifyer





Carson Optical zOrb Digital Microscope Carson Optical MicroMax LED Microscope Double Illuminated Loupe Magnifier, 30x - 60x
Carson Optical zOrb Digital MicroscopeCarson Optical MicroMax LED MicroscopeDouble Illuminated Loupe 30-60x

Displays right on your computer screen!

Great pocket microscope with light

Magnifies in 30x and 60x with lights





Gro1 iPhone Case + LED Microscope Phresh Lighted Microscope 60x Active Eye Loupe Magnifier, 30x
Gro1 iPhone Case + LED MicroscopePhresh Lighted Microscope 60xActive Eye Loupe Magnifier, 30x

Works with your iPhone

Illuminated pocket microscope

Great for inspecting plants and more!




Active Eye Microscope, 40X Active Eye Microscope, 60X-100X Active Eye Microscope, 100X
Active Eye Microscope, 40XActive Eye Microscope, 60X-100XActive Eye Microscope, 100X

Good for pest and disease identification

Great for pest and diesase identification

Perfect for pest and disease identification




1 - 12 of 12 items