LightRail 5 Commercial Light Mover Kit

LightRail 5 Commercial Drive 4 rpm. From its “triple duty” extruded aluminum track, “wide and stable” carriage with “steel-on-steel” carrier bearings to the high torque 4 rpm instrument grade drive motor with ball bearing output shaft and “sure grip” dual drive design, it is more than capable of moving 2 or 3 lights side by side or fore and aft per cross bar and as many as 9 lights (or six lights to accommodate larger hoods) with the available add on products. It comes with LR5.0 Drive Motor, crossbar, instructions, mounting hardware and a 2 section 8 foot rail so it’s long enough and ready for an extra Add-A-Bar Kit.

Increased Light Coverage

Moving your light can increase coverage by up to 30%. LightRaiI helps you maintain the correct intensity while running the light closer. You’ll also reduce shadow patterns, eliminate hot spots, get better yields and depending on your light, you may save as much as 23% per year all the while getting maximum results.

Get Light to All Parts of Your Plants

Moving your reflector eliminates hot spots allowing you to run closer plant to lamp tolerances. Moving your grow lights offers significant advantages. By distributing light at a greater range of angles at the correct intensity, more of the plant is covered during the photoperiod. So the maximum Leaf Area Index can be achieved. Simply put, a moving Grow Light helps more leaves absorb more light energy, and you benefit.

Support your local community. This product is proudly made in the USA!

  • Item #: LR5SYS
  • Manufacturer: Light Rail

LightRail 5.0 Commercial Light Mover Kit

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