LightRail 1 Meter Extender Rail

LightRail 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 one meter (39″) Extender Rail.

Extender Rails have a variety of uses. When added to the standard 2 meter rail, they can be used with the Auxiliary Trolley, to aid in festooning vent tubing, or with the Add-A-Lamp parts to run 2 lamps in a 9 foot configuration (3m), instead of a 12 feet configuration (4m). Another use might be to run high intensity lights over 9 feet during periods of less light needed.

Support your local community. This product is proudly made in the USA!

  • Item #: LR3.5RX
  • Manufacturer: Light Rail

LightRail 1 Meter Extender Rail

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