LED Grow Light 350, Magenta


Thousands of research and test hours on multitude of plants and environments used to determine optimal spectral points for both blooming/fruiting and support throughout a growth cycle.


Intensity and Penetration

Rivals the light intensity of 350 watts of HPS light, with light concentrated into a single point source mixing color into a precision tuned spectrum before it leaves the light. Dense Matrix LED technology produces unrivaled penetration well below a plant's canopy, even on some of your garden's taller plants.



Slim design and compact size make it possible to work in your garden with minimal shading and without the lights being in the way.



Vapor cooling technology ensures consistent light output while using far less power and producing much less heat than traditional lights throughout its long life.


Product Spectrum

H350 Deep Purple - Vegetative Emphasis, Special Penta-band Recipe

The DEEP PURPLE model features a greater blue to red wavelength ratio to encourage stronger vegetative growth for fuller, healthier plants. Using five different types of LED chips with a strong emphasis on blue wavelengths, this penta-band recipe is designed to keep plants strong.


H350 Magenta - Flowering Emphasis, Unique Quad-band Formula

With a much higher ratio in the red spectrum than the blue, the MAGENTA model focuses on performance during the bloom phase. This unique quad-band spectrum blends four different types of LED chips together and is ideal for the flowering stages of growth.

General Specifications


90W DEX 5000 LED

Fixture Dimensions

3.8” x 4” (Length x Diameter)

Height from Plant

12 to 24 inches

Coverage Area

2-3 feet diameter

Power Supply

100-240V AC (Input), 48V or 54V DC (Output)

Power Usage

84W (90W Max)


  • Item #: KSH350M
  • Manufacturer: Kessil

LED Grow Light 350, Magenta

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