Hydroponic Water Conditioner

GreenGro Premium Water Conditioner balances the conditions in water that will greatly improve your ability to grow healthier, more productive plants. Much of the water that we pull from the tap in cities or suburbs is treated. It may include chlorine, chlorides, chloromines, and other sanitizing ingredients. Additionally, trace heavy metals and other toxic agents may be found. GreenGro water conditioner solves all of these common problems by eliminating or neutralizing them on contact.

This innovative product also helps those who are growing in aquaculture scenarios with live fish. A proprietary ingredient in this product helps fish develop their slime coat in new water faster. This ensures the fish has a much safer transition into its new environment.

Removes chlorine (up to 5mg/l) Destroys chloramines Detoxifies heavy metals
Provides essential electrolytes Two part slime coat for live fish system


Support your local community. This product is proudly made in the USA!

  • Item #: GG4008
  • Manufacturer: Green Gro

Hydroponic Water Conditioner

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