HydroLogic Small Boy With Upgraded KDF85 Catalytic Carbon Filter

• Removes 99% of chloramines, chlorine and 90%+ of dirt immediately!

• Keep beneficial bacteria and micro-organisms alive and healthy
• Economical solution for city water and well water users
• Fast flow rates of 60 gallons per hour

This unit is a stand-alone filter for the immediate removal of chlorine and sediment from your water. It is rated at up to 99% chlorine removal @ 1 GPM flow and can clean up to 90% of the sediment particles above 5 microns. This filter will not lower the Parts Per Million (PPM) of your water. The majority of the PPM is minerals which can only be removed with a Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter.

Having chlorine and sediment-free water is essential to growing healthy plants and maintaining beneficial micro-organisms, bacteria and fungi in your root zone and growing medium. These microbes can not survive in the presence of chlorine. Chlorine-free water is also essential for organic compost tea, extraction solution brewing, hydroponics, and any bio-organic gardening method.

Special note on chloramines:

Chloramines are a disinfecting agent that is being added by most cities to the water supply in place of, or in addition to, chlorine. They are a much more stable form of chlorine and do not dissipate by simply letting your water sit exposed to air prior to use. They cause the same damage to all living things as does chlorine. Manufacturers of carbon block filters, such as the one that comes standard with the Small Boy, do not make specific claims about the removal of chloramines. If you are sure your water supply contains chloramines, you can remove the majority of them by upgrading the standard carbon filter to the KDF85/Catalytic Carbon Filter. It is a direct replacement and can treat twice as much water (6,000 gallon filter life) as the standard carbon filter (3,000 gallon filter life).

Support your local community. This product is proudly made in the USA!

  • Item #: HL36005
  • Manufacturer: HydroLogic

HydroLogic Small Boy With Upgraded KDF85 Catalytic Carbon Filter

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