Harvesting, Trimming and Curing Marijuana

Are you wondering when to harvest your marijuana buds?

Are you wondering how to properly harvest and dry marijuana?

Do you want to preserve and enhance the flavors and aromas of your marijuana?

Do you prefer a heady feeling or more of a body high?

Sign-up for the GYOstuff Harvesting, Trimming and Curing Marijuana class and you'll be harvesting like a pro!

Harvesting, Trimming and Curing Marijuana is taught by expert growers and held online and at our Hydroponic and Soil Garden Superstore on Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge. What’s even better is that the cost of this class includes a $20 gift card to be used in our store.

This class touches on the following topics:

  • Timing your marijuana harvest
  • How to tell when to harvest marijuana
  • Flushing your crop and why it's so important
  • Harvesting
  • Manicuring and trimming
  • Proper drying of marijuana
  • Proper curing of marijuana
  • Long term storage
  • How to maximize resin and THC
  • How to encourage heavy physical stone
  • How to encourage a lighter, heady stone
  • Common mistakes and pitfalls

At the end of this 1 hour class, you will know how to harvest, trim and cure your buds like a pro.


Classes are held daily by appointment. When you checkout, please include your contact information (email and phone number). We will contact you with availability and to confirm a class time that works for you.

Private online grow classes:

Can't get to our store? You can also get our industry-leading classroom training experience wherever you access the Internet. Now, you can learn all about hydroponics from the comfort of your own home - while benefiting from live instruction. Yes! Real time, real professional growers.

Just like our physical classrooms, students attending our online classes have a private, real time, live, instructor-led student experience. The live instructor teaches the class and provides the opportunity for students to ask live questions via voice or instant message questions during the live training event. We provide a rich, engaging, live classroom environment that allows students to easily interact with instructors.

Sign up today and get a $20 gift card!

Why take classes at GYOstuff? Our very own classes and class content are the basis of many in-person and online grow classes. Maybe you've taken some other online course and noticed the friendly and knowledgeable GYOstuff staff in the videos. You're right! Many people come to us at GYOstuff to make them look good and to help make their businesses successful. We're happy to help you, too! So don't waste any more time or money getting their passed-down and watered-down growing advice and tips. Get your info straight from the source - GYOstuff.

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Harvesting, Trimming and Curing Marijuana

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