Growstone LIFT Drainage Layer 1.5 cf

Proper Drainage Is Vital To Plant Health


Growstone LIFT is the ideal drainage layer for all your indoor and outdoor plants. Simply add LIFT to the bottom of your container and breathe fresh air into your roots. A high performance drainage layer is especially important if your plants are grown in plastic containers or with saucersunderneath which can trap excessive moisture and create a soggy root zone.

LIFT allows air to enter the inner core of your roots helping them dry evenly and allows excessive water to drain away. These highly porous large stones are lightweight, clean, and provide superior water-holding capacity and aeration to roots. The best part is they are made in the USA from 100% recycled glass!


Nothing is more important than having ample supply of oxygen to plant roots. Oxygen helps roots absorb nutrients faster and can considerably increase plant growth rate.

  • Increased drainage creates healthier roots.
  • Helps soils dry evenly.
  • Lifts roots out of standing water.
  • Lowers weight of large container.
  • Large stones won’t fall out of the container’s drainage holes.
  • Item #: 714239
  • Manufacturer: Growstones

Growstone LIFT Drainage Layer 1.5 cf

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