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Thinking about starting an indoor garden? Check out GYO's guide to locating your indoor garden.

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Web Plant Support 3'x5' Web Plant Support 4-5' Web Plant Support 4'x8'
Web Plant Support 3'x5'Web Plant Support 4'x4'Web Plant Support 4'x8'

Perfect for 3x5 grow tents or gardens.

Perfect for 4x4 grow tents

Perfect for 4x8 grow tents or gardens.







Web Plant Support 5'x5' Web Plant Support 5'x10' Dual 4" Flange Kit
Web Plant Support 5'x5'Web Plant Support 5'x10'Dual 4" Flange Kit

Perfect for 4x4 & 5x5 grow tents

Perfect for large areas or 5x10 grow tents or gardens.

Used to create a ducted opening







Dual 6" Flange Kit Gorilla Grow Tent Extension Kit for 9x9 Secret Jardin Corner Y
Dual 6" Flange KitGorilla Grow Tent Extension Kit for 9x9Secret Jardin Corner Y

Used to create a ducted opening

Increases tent height from 7' to 9'

Replacement corner/3-way







Secret Jardin Corner K
Secret Jardin Corner K

Replacement corner/4-way



61 - 70 of 70 items