Grodan Grow Chunks, 2 cu ft

Grow Chunks are quite similar to the Grow Cubes. The larger size (3/4" square) makes Grow Chunks hold onto moisture and nutrients longer than the Grow Cubes giving you a little more time between watering.  Like our other loose media, Grow Chunks can be mixed with other media and used in any system. They are great for direct planting or for use as a filling around blocks in containers. They can be easily mixed with other media for increased aeration and added moisture holding capabilities.


  • Fill a plant container with them, or place a Gro-Block (after removing plastic) in the middle, and surround it with the chunks.
  • Fill a net basket with them and use them in an Ebb & Flood system.
  • Mix it with outdoor garden soil to aerate the soil and help retain moisture throughout the heat of the summer.


  • Item #: RW108003
  • Manufacturer: Grodan/Pargro

Grodan Grow Chunks, 2 cu ft

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