Medium Water Absorbent Granulate, 13.4 cf

Granulated rockwool can be used alone or as an amendment to organic based mixes. For example, the addition of water absorbant granulate to peat mixes at 25-50% volume, increases water holding capacity and aeration, improving plant growth and shelf life. The water repellent granulates are superior substitutes for aerators such as perlite or Styrofoam. The granulate is prilled for easy mixing. Granulated rockwool as potting mix - When you use granulated rockwool to pot up your plants, the great advantage is that you never have to change the mix. The rockwool will last for the life of your plant. Rockwool's high water holding capacity will enable you to go on vacation without worrying about your plants drying out.

If you’re growing water hungry plants in containers then Gro-Wool is a good idea. Gro-Wool can support house plants while watering just once every 2 to 4 weeks.  When growing in clay pellets mix in Gro-Wool to make water and nutrient distribution more uniform and have a moisture buffer in case the pump fails. Gro-Wool also promotes fine root growth which leads to larger more vigorous growth.

TIP: If you are using a drain-to-waste system, then you do not need to pH condition the Gro-wool. Just fully saturate the wool with a pH 5.5 nutrient solution


On its own as a potting mix.

Mix with any potting mix to improve aeration and water holding capacity.

Mix water Gro-Wool into your sandy garden soil to improve water holding capacity.

  • Item #: RWXA20
  • Manufacturer: Grodan/Pargro

Gro-Wool Medium Water Absorbent Granulate, 13.4 cf

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