Green Lights

Green lights allow you to work in your grow room at night (during lights-off) without disturbing the plants' photoperiod.

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Active Eye Work Light, 78 LED Hydrofarm Logo LED Hat Active Eye Head Lamp
Active Eye Green Work Light, 78 LEDHydrofarm Logo LED HatActive Eye Head Lamp

The most handy grow room green light

Hands-free bright lighting

Hands-free work/task light







Active Eye Flashlight Active Eye Cap Light, 6 LED AgroLED Green Flashlight/Lamp
Active Eye Flashlight (Green LED)(Active Eye Cap Light, 6 LEDAgroLED Green Flashlight/Lamp

Very handy, compact green LED flashlight

Attaches to your hat for hands-free lighting

AC/DC, rechargeable flashlight/lamp







Green LED Light Bulb, 5W Green Fluorescent T5 4' Green Fluorescent T5 2'
Green LED Light Bulb, 5WGreen Fluorescent T5 4'Green Fluorescent T5 2'

Fits any standard incandescent light socket

Work on your plants at night

Work on your plants at night







1 - 9 of 9 items