GYO Bubble 3

GYOstuff Bubble 3 Deep Water Culture System with pump (for 3 plants)

This system is inexpensive & easy enough for a beginner but performs at expert-level. Get ready for huge plants!

A very cost-effective and high-performing oxygenated Deep Water Culture hydroponic system! The GYO Bubble 3 system uses a series of bucket systems connected to a main air pump for the ultimate in deep water culture/bubble irrigation. Each system includes 6" net pots, 3 gallon buckets that serves as a reservoir, air pump, air stones, growing medium and tubing. The net pot snaps onto the bucket and the air pump pumps the reservoirs full of highly oxygenated nutrient solution. Comes with complete, easy-to-follow instructions, a garden monitoring log and expert support from the GYO staff.

This system is perfect for growing large plants such as: tomatoes, peppers, cannabis, beans, melons, pumpkins, etc. 

Nutrients sold separately. 

Support your local community. This package includes components manufactured in the United States – right here in Massachusetts!

  • Item #: BUBBLE3
  • Manufacturer: GYOstuff

GYO Bubble 3

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