GYO 6 Plant Soil Starter Package

A very cost-effective and high-performing soil-based growing system with nutrients, lighting and circulation fan!

This system is inexpensive & easy enough for a beginner but performs at advanced-level! Get ready for large plants.

Complete soil-based indoor garden package including:

Lighting: 1,000W Metal Halide/High Pressure Sodium lighting system

  • 6” Air-coolable reflector
  • 1,000W magnetic ballast
  • 1,000W Metal Halide bulb
  • 1,000W High Pressure Sodium bulb
  • 6” in-line cooling fan
  • Flexible ductwork & duct clamps
  • Adjustable light hangers
  • Dual outlet timer

Grow system: This package includes Roots Organics Greenlite growing mix, 2 sizes of pots/containers and plant saucers for all pots.

Roots Organics Green Lite growing mix was created as an aggressively free draining indoor and outdoor potting mix. Green Lite is designed with more perlite and pumice to give you enhanced drainage and greater oxygen in the root zone, and with specific ingredients for versatile container gardening. This mix has been extensively tested and you will see the results of our efforts in designing this excellent high porosity blend in your garden. Roots Organics Green Lite is calculated to give you control and accelerate your garden for vigorous plants and root systems.


  • FloraDuo A, 1 gal
  • FloraDuo B, 1 gal

Circulation Fan: 6” clip-on fan

pH Control: General Hydroponics pH Control Kit w/ pH Up and pH Down

What can you grow in this system? This system is perfect for growing large plants such as: tomatoes, peppers, cannabis, beans, melons, pumpkins, etc. 

Expectations: When this system is properly installed and all operating conditions (humidity, temperature, etc.) are properly maintained, here's what you can expect this system to produce. This is an approximation/estimation. There are many factors that determine final overall output.

Average yield (every 3 months) 20 ounces
Monthly cost to operate (electricity, nutrients)   $165
Cost per ounce $24.70


  • Item #: GYOS6S
  • Manufacturer: GYOstuff

GYO 6 Plant Soil Starter Package

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