GYO 4x4 Ebb & Flow Starter Package

This system is inexpensive & easy enough for a beginner but yields 16 decent-sized plants!

A very cost-effective and high-performing ebb & flow hydroponic system with nutrients and lighting! In the ebb & flow method (also known as the flood & drain method), the plants sit in their own container separate from the nutrient reservoir. On a set schedule, a pump transfers the nutrient solution from the reservoir to the grow tray where the plants are located, soaking the plant roots and the grow medium. The pump then turns off, and the solution drains back into the reservoir. This setup is perfect for a sea of green.

Lighting: 1,000W Metal Halide/High Pressure Sodium lighting system

  • 6” Air-coolable reflector
  • 1,000W magnetic ballast
  • 1,000W Metal Halide bulb
  • 1,000W High Pressure Sodium bulb
  • 6” in-line cooling fan
  • Flexible ductwork & duct clamps
  • Adjustable light hangers
  • Dual outlet timer

Grow System: 4x4 complete ebb & flow hydroponic garden

Each system includes a nutrient reservoir, flood tray, planting pots, flood/drain fittings, nutrient pump, tubing, growing medium, timer, easy-to-follow instructions, a garden monitoring log and expert support from the GYO staff.

  • 50 gallon nutrient reservoir
  • 4x4 flood tray
  • (16) 12x12 planting pots
  • Flood/drain fittings
  • Nutrient pump
  • Expanded clay pebbles (grow medium)
  • Timer


  • FloraDuo A 1 gal
  • FloraDuo B 1 gal

Circulation Fan: 6” clip-on fan

pH Control: General Hydroponics pH Control Kit w/ pH Up and pH Down

Book: Hydroponics Basics

What can you grow in this system? This system is perfect for growing small-medium sized plants such as: lettuce, strawberries, basil, rosemary, oregano and most other herbs, etc.

  • Item #: GYOE4S
  • Manufacturer: GYOstuff

GYO 4x4 Ebb & Flow Starter Package

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