GYO 4 Plant Starter Package


A very cost-effective and high-performing oxygenated Deep Water Culture hydroponic system with nutrients, lighting and circulation fan! 

This system is inexpensive & easy enough for a beginner but performs at advanced-level! Get ready for large plants.

Complete hydroponic indoor garden package including:

Lighting: 400W Metal Halide/High Pressure Sodium lighting system

  • Air-coolable reflector
  • 400W electronic ballast
  • 400W Metal Halide bulb
  • 400W High Pressure Sodium bulb
  • Adjustable light hangers
  • Dual outlet timer

Grow system: GYO 4 plant deep water culture complete hydroponic garden

The GYO 4 Plant Starter Package uses a series of individual planter systems connected to a main air pump for the ultimate in deep water culture/bubble irrigation. Each system includes 3 gallon food-grade plastic bubble pods, air pump, air stones, growing medium, tubing, easy-to-follow instructions, a garden monitoring log and expert support from the GYO staff.

Nutrients: These nutrients are perfect for rapidly-flowering annuals such as tomatoes, peppers, cannabis, etc.

  • FloraDuo A, 1 qt
  • FloraDuo B, 1 qt

Circulation Fan: 6” clip-on fan

pH Control: General Hydroponics pH Control Kit w/ pH Up and pH Down

Book: Hydroponics Basics

What can you grow in this system? This system is perfect for growing large plants such as: tomatoes, peppers, cannabis, beans, melons, pumpkins, etc. 

Expectations: When this system is properly installed and all operating conditions (humidity, temperature, etc.) are properly maintained, here's what you can expect this system to produce. This is an approximation/estimation. There are many factors that determine final overall output.

Average yield (every 3 months) 9 ounces
Monthly cost to operate (electricity, nutrients)   $83
Cost per ounce $26.53


Wanna be sure you operate this system correctly? Sign up for our Hydro 101 class.

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Support your local community. This package includes components manufactured in the United States – right here in Massachusetts!

  • Item #: GYO4S
  • Manufacturer: GYOstuff

GYO 4 Plant Starter Package

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