Feather Meal, 5 lb

Feather Meal is a natural organic fertilizer made of processed poultry feathers. Perfect for plants requiring a consistent supply of nitrogen.

Nitrogen rich fertilizer that keeps plants happy and healthy

Feather Meal is comprised of processed chicken feathers that have been thoroughly cleaned, heated with steam, and ground up into a powerful organic fertilizer mulch.

With an extremely rich Nitrogen level (12-.5-0), Feather Meal provides both quick nutrient enrichment and a constant, “slow feed” as plants metabolize the nitrogen materials at their own pace. This allows for more consistent growth and provides the plant with a readily accessible growth supplement whenever the plant needs it most.

Feather Meal works with all soil and plant types including:

  • Gardens
  • Orchards
  • Flowers
  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Landscape Hedges

Why use Feather Meal?

Bird feathers are some of the highest nitrogen containing sources found in nature. And for plants that require larger amounts of nitrogen to thrive such as corn or beans, nitrogen is an essential component to achieving good growing results.

Feather Meal works with bacteria and nematodes in the soil that breakdown the soil conditioner into nitrogen components the plants can more easily absorb. This increased bacterial process adds life to your soil base, causing increased root growth and a stronger overall root system.

Because Feather Meal has such a high nitrogen count, applications should be spread out enough to allow time for the plant to use the extra nutrients. Overuse could result in excessive amounts of nitrogen being present, which can damage plants instead of feeding them. This phenomenon is known as “burning” and occurs with nearly all fertilizers when they are overused.

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Feather Meal, 5 lb

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