Eye Hortilux PowerVEG 4' T5 Fluorescent Lamp

PowerVEG 420 Grow Light

The name "420" references the area of the light spectrum produced by this lamp. The PowerVEG 420 is a true VEG light for indoor growers. PowerVEG 420 provides a spectrum that is crucial for plant growth during the vegetation cycle, focusing all spectral energy at 420 nanometers. This high UV A spectrum adds the nutrient values that are vital for the growth. Combined with the spectrum provided by the FS+UV fluorescent grow lamps, the PowerVEG 420 maximizes the initial growth process for vegetation through:

• Tighter internodal spacing
• Stomatal opening 10 times greater than red light (feeding tube of plant)
• Stronger root growth
• Chlorophyll A
• Lutein
• Zeaxanthin
• Beta carotene

Spectrum Combinations for Your Plants

The PowerVEG 420 can be combined with more than just Eye's FS+UV lamp. There are five total PowerVEG colors lamps that can be combined to make customizable light spectrums for your plants.

The 420 can be used in any existing T5, 54 watt, HO (high output) lighting fixture. Combine the 420 with other PowerVEG T5's for maximum results. See Eye Hortilux's suggested formulas for VEG, FLOWER and START-to-FINISH.

420 Replacement Guide:
Optimal Growth - 8-9 months
Average Growth - 10-11 months
Maintenance Growth - 11-12 months
Based on 18 hour burn time per day

Disclaimer: Product shown as fully lit. PowerVEG 420 appears white when not lit.

Suggested HORTILUX PowerVEG Formulas

Each PowerVEG grow lamp produces a different light spectrum for your plants. Growers can customize their own light spectrums with various combinations or they can use one of our suggested formulas. EYE HORTILUX has recommendations for 8-lamp and 4-lamp fixtures to produce the best results for your plants in the vegetative, flowering and start-to-finish set ups.

Suggested VEG Formula

To produce the VEG spectrum, select the corresponding base colors and install lamps as shown in your 8-lamp or 4-lamp fixture. The suggested VEG formula produces a large amount of blue light spectrum to enhance the vegetative growth cycle. The combination of the FS+UV, 420 & 460 provides the most vegetative focused light spectrum on the market.

Suggested FLOWER Formula

To produce the FLOWER spectrum, select the corresponding base colors and install lamps as showing in your 8-lamp or 4-lamp fixture. The suggested FLOWER formula allows T5 growers to utilize the spectrums that trigger fruiting and flowering. These red spectrums are typically not available in standard T5 lighting. The combination of the FS+UV, 633 & 660 provide a unique flowering spectrum no other T5 on the market can offer.

Suggested START-TO-FINISH Formula

To produce the START-TO-FINISH spectrum, select the corresponding base colors and install lamps as shown in your 8-lamp or 4-lamp fixture. The suggested START-to-FINISH formula allows T5 growers the ease to set it and forget it. No need to switch out your lights. Just insert this one formula and produce high quality growth and yields.

What HORTILUX PowerVEG T5 Grow Lamps Do for Your Plants

PowerVEG T5 Grow Lights help you get the best yields from your plants. It all starts with strong base from the PowerVEG FS+UV, which provides a well-balanced spectrum that closely mimics natural sunlight. From there, you can mix different PowerVEG colors to produce one of the formulas suggested above or create your own customized light spectrum

PowerVEG colors provide nanometer specific light to further enhance the FS+UV during the vegetative and flowering growth cycles. This allows for structurally sound plants ready for transition to HID where bigger and better yields and more overall production will be seen.

Made with pride in the USA by Eye - Manufacturer of Hortilux Premium Bulbs.

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Eye Hortilux PowerVEG 4' T5 420 Blue Grow Light

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