Eco-Mite Plus Concentrate, 8 oz

Eco-Mite Plus

Botanical Insecticide-Miticide Concentrate

Eco-Mite Plus is a contact miticide and insecticide, derived from botanical plant oils and extracts.

  • Kills & Repels Insects & Mites
  • Non-Toxic to People & Pets
  • Environmentally Safe
  • For Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Works Fast
  • Organic
  • 1 8 oz bottle of concentrate makes up to 3 gallons.
  • 1 Gallon of Concentrate Makes a Minimum of 20 Gallons and Treats up to 20,000 sq. ft.
  • 1 Quart of Concentrate Makes a Minimum of 5 Gallons and Treats up to 5,000 sq. ft.


Eco-Mite Plus controls phytophagous mites, eggs and nymphs. Eco-Mite Plus controls other piercing sucking insects, including aphids, mealybugs, scale crawlers, thrips, and whiteflies.

Active Ingredients:

Citronella and Citronella Oil….….15.00%

Rosemary Oil……………………..…… 10.00%

Other Ingredients*…………………..75.00%


*Other Ingredients: Water, Soap, Isopropyl Alcohol


Dilute with water before use. Shake well. Read entire label and use accordingly.

For best results, apply when conditions favor mites and insects or at the first sign of mite or insects infestation.


To refill the Eco-Mite “Ready to Use” 32 fl. oz. container, for general purpose use, add 4 fl. oz. Eco-Mite concentrate to 28 fl. oz. water. For larger volumes, see Application Rates Table for instruction.

For best results, add Eco-Mite when the tank is approximately ½ full of water of 45°F or greater, agitate, and then fill with water to the desired level and agitate again. Maintain agitation during spray application. When combining with other products, such as adjuvants, insecticides, fungicides, or fertilizers, add these products first when the tank is approximately ½ full. The use of surfactants, adjuvants and/or penetrants to improve performance is not required when using this product. Always clean tank, pump, and lines thoroughly with water after use.

Note: When using hard water (total hardness greater than 200 ppm), it is recommended to completely fill tank with water first, then add a water softener, mix thoroughly, add Eco-Mite and mix thoroughly.

How to Apply

After mixing with water, use as a spray application. Thoroughly cover the upper and lower leaf surfaces until wet – avoid excessive runoff. Apply when conditions favor insect development or at the first sign of infestation. Continue applications at 7-14 day intervals until pest populations are adequately controlled. Under heavy pressure, use the highest rate and the shortest interval. Under light pressure, the application interval may be extended.

Application Equipment and Techniques

Hand-held and High Volume Equipment - Applications may be made with spray bottles, knapsack and backpack sprayers, pump-up pressure sprayers, handguns, hand wands, and other hand-held and vehicle mounted spray equipment. Spray droplet size should be adjusted to maximize coverage and minimize drift, and allow application to the intended treatment target area.

Boom Equipment - For best control using hydraulic or hydraulic air assist equipment, use the recommended rate of this product in sufficient gallons of spray solution per acre as a broadcast spray. Spray should thoroughly wet foliage but not run off.

Application Rates Use the volume of water necessary for uniform and complete spray coverage of foliage. Use lower rate when infestation is light. Use higher rate when infestations are moderate to heavy. Repeat applications as required to maintain the desired level of control.


Support your local community. This item is manufactured in the United States – right here in Massachusetts!

  • Item #: 040-7002
  • Manufacturer: Arborjet

Eco-Mite Plus Concentrate, 8 oz

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