Mag-Pro 8oz.

Mag-Pro 2-15-4 is a unique supplement that can be used with any complete nutrition formula as a blossom booster. The high phosphorus, magnesium, and sulfur content of this formula brings out color, fragrance, and size in flowers, fruit, and many vegetable crops. Growers using reverse osmosis, rain, or deionized water benefit from the addition of Mag-Pro to their watering schedule. Mag-Pro is a nutrition supplement and should only be used in conjunction with a Dyna-Gro complete nutrition formula.

Application Rates

Indoor Plants: Mix ¼ tsp. to ½ tsp. per gallon of water with every watering.

Outdoor Plants: Mix ½ tsp. per gallon of water, once a week. For monthly feeding, use 1 tsp. per gallon of water.

Hydroponics: Mix 2-3 tsp. per gallon of water for recirculating systems. 1 tsp. per for for non-recirculating systems.

Siphon Mixer: (1:15 ratio) Mix 1-3 fl.oz. per gallon of water for a concentrate feed solution.

Irrigation Injector: (1:100 ratio) Mix 10-18 fl. oz. per gallon of water to make an injectable concentrate.

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Dyna-Gro Mag Pro 8oz.

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