DarkRoom DP90 Propagator 1.5, 2x3x3 Grow Tent

A Dark Propagator DP90 grow tent is designed specifically for propagation, with enough room for up to two 77-cube rockwool trays. Lined with hammered-effect, 95% reflective Mylar fabric to increase light intensity and improve light distribution, a Dark Propagator includes stronger corner joints, thicker bars and a StrapIT accessory to securely support lamps, carbon filters and other equipment. This tent also features waterproof Mylar trays, strong zippers and improved lightproofing, and ports for intake, exhaust and cords. A Dark Propagator unit can be assembled quickly and easily, and both the inside and outside are washable.


  • Item #: DP090
  • Manufacturer: Secret Jardin

DarkRoom DP90 Propagator 2.6, 2x3x3 Grow Tent

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