Cocos Nutrient Package - Sm.

This package is everything you need for a small-sized grow (10 gallon reservoir) following the House & Garden feed chart for a 10 week cycle:

House & Garden Coco Nutrient A/B 1 L

Drip Clean 250 ml

Roots Excelurator 250 ml

Amino Treatment 250 ml

Multi Zen 250 ml

Magic Green 250 ml

Algen Extract 250 ml

Nitrogen Boost 250 ml

Bud XL 250 ml

Top Booster 250 ml

Shooting Powder 1 Sachet


At the end of a grow using this package, there will be some leftovers for your next grow.

  • Item #: CNPS
  • Manufacturer: House & Garden

Cocos Nutrient Package - Sm.

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