Centurion Pro CP1 Trimmer

The CenturionPro machine is an engineering masterpiece. It’s triple-cut system ensures that trimming is accomplished quickly and thoroughly the first time. This efficiency means saving time and money. 

The CenturionPro Dust Collector is an industrial grade unit that has more than enough suction power to tackle any job. The high quality, 2 HP motor that powers the unit is engineered to last a very long time. The Dust Collector can be wired to either 120V or 240V depending on your power source. The strong suction ensures that all loose debris is rapidly removed from the cutting area, thereby allowing the CenturionPro machine to do its job with maximum efficiency. The debris is then collected in a durable, zippered bag that can be emptied quickly. 

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Centurion Pro CP1 Trimmer

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