Can 8" Max-Fan, 675 CFM

The Max Fan Saves Energy! The Max-Fan Saves Space!

  • Extremely energy Efficient!
  • Small Airtight Housing!
  • Lower Lifetime Cost!
  • Easy Installation!
  • Cost of Energy is 70-90% of life time cost!
  • Light Weight & Compact design Save on shipping costs!

The Max-Fan Is Quiet!

  • Very High Aerodynamic Efficiency!
  • Optimized Mixed Flow is quieter than other fans of the same size!

The Can-Fan Max Fans bring centrifugal fans to a new level. More powerful and efficient than standard centrifugal fans, the Max Fan has the power to move a lot of air efficiently. Comes with an 8' power cord and a 5 year warranty.

  • Item #: CF340420
  • Manufacturer: Can Fan

Can 8" Max-Fan, 675 CFM

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