Botanicare Ready-Gro Moist Mix 1.5 cu ft

ReadyGro is a premium and select blend of all natural and organic ingredients containing an optimum air to water ratio for superior growth rates and yields compared to conventional potting soils. ReadyGro is available in two unique formulas depending on your gardening requirements.

ReadyGro uses premium organic ingredients and supplements including: coir fiber, perlite, pumice stone, earthworm castings, agrimineral 76 silica clay, sea weed meal, sea weed concentrate, leonardite ore(natural humates), organic compost, mycorrhizae fungi, and organic root innoculants (beneficial microorganisms.)

ReadyGro Moisture Formula (1 to 2 waterings daily) is specifically designed for outdoor use and is also suited for hand-watering or automated pots and planters with large plants. This formula contains more coir fiber and pumice stones than the ReadyGro Aeration Formula. This formula will give plants enhanced moisture content for longer duration in between feeding and more pumice stones to help anchor large plants. Be assured that ReadyGro Moisture Formula will not waterlog plants even if the plants sit in 1 to 2 inches of standing water.

Support your local community. This product is proudly made in the USA!

  • Item #: BCRG1.5WET
  • Manufacturer: Botanicare

Botanicare Ready-Gro Moisture Mix 1.5 cu ft

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