Blumat Pressure Garden Automatic Watering Kit

Everything you need to automatically water up to 16 plants from a standard hose/faucet.

The smart, automatic watering system

A larger version of the Blumat Garden kit including a pressure regulator for connecting to a faucet or garden hose. This one will easily water two 4x8' raised beds or a large combination of plants in pots, planter boxes, landscaping, or in rows.

The Tropf-Blumat (Drip-Blumat) is a sensor that supplies plants with drips of water via thin tubing. As the soil dries, its natural suction power triggers the opening of the Tropf Blumat allowing the water to flow. When the soil is sufficiently moist, the Tropf Blumat automatically stops. The system functions fully automatically.

It includes:

  • 16 blumat water sensors
  • 1 pressure reducer
  • 32 distribution drippers
  • 8 distribution dripper ends
  • 2 Quick connect/disconnect for 8 mm tube
  • 2 Quick connect/disconnect for 3 mm tube
  • 2 on/off valves
  • 40' of 3 mm micro tubing
  • 10 meter roll of 8 mm black supply line
  • 8 tees
  • 10 elbows
  • 1 pipette
  • 6 goof plugs
  • 3 3mm Tees
  • 3 3mm Y's
  • 3 3mm connectors
  • Instructions for installation

The Process

Water is sucked out of the ceramic sensor through the suction force of the dry earth. Suction tension develops in the Tropf-Blumat, the flexible membrane is pulled downwards, thereby allowing the passage of water, the drip tube begins dripping. If the earth is moist enough, then the subpressure in the sensor causes the water to be sucked back into the cone, the membrane returns to its original position and squeezes the drip tube closed with a rod, the passage of water is stopped. The point at which the valve closes is set with an adjusting knob. This determines when the drip tube is closed and by which suction tension (i.e. by which degree of dryness) the watering should begin.

Tropf-Blumat is an intelligent watering system, enabling the plants to take care of themselves. Watering occurs only in amounts that the plants actually need, not just as a back-up during vacation periods, rather throughout the growing season. The self-regulating sensor uses water pressure to control a slow, low dosage dripping, without electricity or use of an automatic dispenser.

Customizing for individual plant sizes and variable system requirements is possible at all times. This opens up a wide spectrum of possible uses- from balcony boxes, to tub plantings on a patio or in a sunroom, to smaller bed plantings, or solitary bushes in the garden or even tomato plants in a small greenhouse. 

Click here for the complete Blumat Operating Instructions guide. Click here to view all Blumat systems and accessories.

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  • Item #: IG15667
  • Manufacturer: Blumat

Blumat Pressure Garden Automatic Watering Kit

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