Blumat Junior 3 Pack

Take a vacation and let your plants look after themselves.

Blumat Plant Savers ensure a constant supply of water. They automatically supply just the right amount - never too much or not enough.  Your plants will love it. They won't experience the drying out that stunts growth or the over-watering that squeezes the air out of the soil and keeps them from "breathing" properly.

Water dispenser with suction tubing for individual houseplants - a nearby container with water acts as reservoir for water supply. Set of 3.

  • As the soil dries, the ceramic cone delivers water gradually into the surrounding earth - thereby creating a vacuum within the cone which draws water from the nearby container of water.
  • Once the soil is moistened the Blumat Junior will cease flowing water
  • It waters your plants only as needed

Click here for the complete Blumat Operating Instructions guide.

  • Item #: IG14605
  • Manufacturer: Blumat

Blumat Junior 3 Pack

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