Azos Beneficial Microbes, 6 oz

AZOS, short for Azospirillum Brasilense, is a nitrogen-fixing super bacterium that can replace 50% of the nitrogen fertilizer required by plants. This highly-beneficial bacteria, simply applied as a spray after soil temperatures reach the 60*F - 65*F range, provides an eco-conscious alternative to synthetic nitrogen. The Earth's atmosphere is 80% nitrogen; AZOS take this free and non-polluting source and makes it available to plants. No longer is your plant confined to the soil for nitrogen intake, but now it can access it naturally, straight from the atmosphere!

AZOS works symbiotically with both your plant and MYKOS mycorrhizal inoculants, beneficially sharing nutrients and thereby reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.

Azos also functions as a natural and biological cloning solution. Azos works without the use of hormones or synthetic phosphorus which can lead to spindly, yellow growth. Azos catalyzes the release of IAA, a natural hormone stored in all plants. The release of IAA causes new cuttings to drop their root. Once that root drops, one of the hardest things with new cuttings is to get nutrients into the plant when their is such little root stock. Azos solves this dilemma by fixing atmospheric nitrogen and feeding it directly into your newly developing roots. The result? Clone easier, propagate faster, and transplant in a fraction of the time.

  • Beneficial Microbes!
  • Use for Rooting Cuttings & Transplants
  • Promotes Growth
  • Great for Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Flowers

Directions and Applications
Cuttings & Starts - Soak, Dip, & Stick
1. Add 1/4 cup per gal water. Soak plugs for 10 mins. Remove plugs.
2. In a small container, Mix 1 part Azos with 2 parts water.
3. Dip tips of new cuttings in solution for 3 seconds and set in plugs.

  • Add 1 tbs per gal into clone machine
  • Dust root ball of starts with 1-2 tsp Azos when transplanting
  • For Best Results pH water to 6.0 (neutral), before using Azos to root new cuttings
  • Azos works best alone without synthetic rooting compounds

Established Plants - Drench - Add 1/2 cup per gal water. Mix well. Pour 2 cups solution at the base of each plant. 1 gal treats 8 plants.

Hydroponics & Irrigation - Reservoirs - Add 1 cup (16 tbs) per 50 gals water. Repeat weekly for best results.

Flowering & Fruiting Plants - Stop. No need to add more.

Note: Mineral salts have been shown to suppress beneficial microbes. Use unchlorinated water for best results.

Support your local community. This product is proudly made in the USA!

  • Item #: RT1350
  • Manufacturer: Xtreme Gardening

Azos Beneficial Microbes, 6 oz

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