Autopilot Analog Enviromental Controller
  • Control the temperature and humidity within your growing environment
  • Temperature and humidity mode adjustable - allows independent or synchronized control 
  • Night device outlet operates when the lights are off
  • Coordinates supplemental CO2 with your ventilation equipment
  • The built-in photo cell ensures that your CO2 device only activates when the lights are on
  • CO2 outlets are automatically disabled while your ventilation equipment is functioning
  • Ventilation outlets are automatically disabled while your CO2 equipment is functioning 
  • 15' Remote probe with highly accurate sensor
  • Can increase or decrease humidity to a specified level
  • Resists EMI/EFI from electronic ballasts
  • Conforms to USA and Canadian standards (ETL listed, FCC, RoHS bugs)
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • 3-year warranty
  • Item #: APCETHA
  • Manufacturer: Autopilot

Autopilot Analog Enviromental Controller

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