AutoPot 1 Pot XL Module (6.6 gal Pot)

Developed by AutoPot to meet the demands of the ambitious gardener, featuring a MASSIVE 6.6 gallon growing capacity the 1-Pot XL is perfect for growers looking to cultivate BIG plants and achieve even BIGGER yields.

This original design has a clam shaped tray that accommodates the large volume 6.6 gallon XL pot. The round based pot enables the grower to easily rotate a big plant while the pot is still in the tray.

Ideal for large specimen plants, such as Blueberry bushes or Japanese Maples, the 1-Pot XL can be used as a single unit system or linked to larger reservoirs to create huge systems of any size or configuration.


  • Item #: AWCS2100
  • Manufacturer: AutoPot

AutoPot 1 Pot XL Module (6.6 gal Pot)

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