AquaBox Complete Aquaponics Kit

Hand crafted and built in Northern California. The Natural beauty of the wood has been kept intact, making every system unique and one of a kind. This living art brings together the natural balance of nature and humans helping each other to live better. This relationship was realized by the ancients (The Hanging Gardens of Babylon one of the Seven Wonders of the World) and is being remembered today in our aquaponic system designs. These Pairidaeza (architectural style of garden design) consume carbon and produce both food and oxygen. 

Aquaponics Box Kit INCLUDES: 

- (1) Custom wood flood table frame 
- (1) Custom wood 30 Gallon Reservoir frame
- (1) 30 Gallon Reservoir 
- (1) Flood table 
- (2) Root Royale Hydro Clay Pebbles (50L/13Gal Bag) 
- (1) Water Pump
- (1) Drain tube 
- (1) Fill/Drain Fitting
- (1) AquaCycle Aquaponics Fish-less Cycling Kit

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AquaBox Complete Aquaponics Kit

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