Anubis 800W Magnetic Induction Lighting System

This dual-tube magnetic induction grow light is incredible!!!

The Anubis is the first induction grow light made from the ground up by a collaboration of growers and lighting engineers to yield without heat. It's unique patent-pending design places the lamps in a position for optimum penetration power comparable to HID lighting.

  • 4x4' Coverage for Growing
  • 800 Watt Light Fixture
  • 800 Watt Dimmable Ballast
  • 120v/240v Operation
  • UL Listed Components
  • True 98% Reflective German Aluminum Reflector Insert
  • Ballast is Remote-Mountable up to 15' Away from Reflector
  • 3 Year Warranty on both Reflector & Bulbs

Less Heat! 71% Cooler then HID Lighting

Industry leading HID manufacturers say that their bulbs normally operate around 500-600 F. The Anubis operates at a mere 175 degrees F.

A Smarter Spectrum!
Anubis Induction lights use a proprietary blend of Japanese phosphors to make the bulbs. This allows you to have one light capable of both tight, bushy vegetative growth and solid, dense fruit and flower formations. The color temp of the 800W Anubis is 4250K after around 30 days of operation. They start out a little under 5000K out of the box and "burn in" around the low 4000K making this light PERFECT for your precious flowers!

No more bulb replacement costs!
Induction lamps are completely sealed lacking a socket. The result is that no gas leaks from the bulb preventing the decay of light intensity and quality. Anubis Induction bulbs have a 100,000 hour lifespan. This equates to 22 years on a 12/12 flowering schedule.

The lowest operation costs.
Induction lighting is quite efficient from a financial standpoint. Save money on climate control, equipment maintenance, and product replacement costs.

  • Item #: ANUBIS800
  • Manufacturer: Anubis Lighting

Anubis 800W Magnetic Induction Lighting System

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