AgroLED Green Flashlight/Lamp

This unique 2-in-1 LED light system can be used either as a flashlight, or as a standard indoor/outdoor lamp. To use it as a flashlight, just extend the handle and turn it on. To use it as a standard lamp, simply unscrew the end cap and insert it into any household light fixture with the same size standard base. Features a bright green light and long battery life. Lithium battery for flashlight recharges with AC power when placed in a light fixture.

This green only LED allows you to work in your grow room at night without disturbing your plants' photoperiod and without pulling an excessive amount of electricity. Screws into a standard E27 base and will run on 110 and 220 volt circuits.

1 year warranty.

  • Item #: 960415
  • Manufacturer: AgroLED

AgroLED Green Flashlight/Lamp

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