Active Aqua 100 Reverse Osmosis System

This 3-stage reverse osmosis unit is ideal for fresh water applications, drinking and more. Comes with 1-micron sediment filtration, a carbon block for VOC reduction and a TFC membrane. Also includes quick connect fittings, a shut-off valve, a filter wrench for easy cartridge replacement, and hose bib feed adaptor. 3-year limited warranty. Made in the USA.

• High efficiency 1-micron sediment pre-filter
• High capacity chlorine guzzler carbon block pre-filter
• High flow/high rejection TFC membrane (the best on the market!)
• 160 PSI pressure gauge marked with operating and unsafe ranges
• Solid aluminum mounting bracket
• Clear 10" filter cartridge housings

A minimum of 40psi is required to properly operate the system.

Support your local community. This product is proudly made in the USA!

  • Item #: AARO100
  • Manufacturer: Active Aqua

Active Aqua 100 Reverse Osmosis System

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