4" Square Drip Cap

DripCaps are an effective method of minimizing algae growth and algae related pest problems. There are several other benefits, One, the old depleted nutrients are flushed out of the block, alleviating salt buildup. Two, the irrigation water avoidsdirect contact with the stem, alleviating the main cause of stem rot. Third, the lower water volume per irrigation produces a more actively growing plant. Finally, using the cap will slow the evaporation process, which is particularly important to those located in hotter climate zones.

The DRIPCAP is a patented water conservation tool & grow medium protector. It uses a new Innovative dripping method, & hose holding technology.

The DRIPCAP is made from recycled plastic, recyclable & re-useable. Supported by a rear hinge the DRIPCAP splits apart down the centre, enabling an easy, secure installation and removal, at any stage of the plants development.

The two permanently attached hose holders on the top of the DripCap are a "friction fit" method of attachment. Using a gently sloped angle on the inside of the hose holding cylinders enabled us to obtain a snug compression fit on the outside of the hose, creating a firm tight seal without leakage.

Making the hose attachment this way allows for a multitude of different size hoses to be accommodated, ranging from 4 mm (.157") to 7.6 mm (.298") O.D. are an easy fit on the same DripCap.

You can attach one propagation hose or two. With two propagation hoses attached there are four dripping holes underneath the cap for even dripping onto the medium. The Dripper holes are the diameter of 2 mm each.

The 2 mm diameter hole is larger than the diameter of a common commercially used drip emitter, under normal conditions the holes will not clog.

Drip feeding with a conventional drip stake allows for a host of problems to develop, accompanied by unnecessary & avoidable costs. DRIPCAP corrects these problems & saves, money & resources.

Using the old style Drip stake allows Water & Nutrients to unnecessarily evaporate into the air due to this uncovered method of drip feeding.

DRIPCAP covers the growing mediums surface from an elevated position. Air vents are incorporated into the sides of the cap allowing for the correct amount of air exchange as well as slowing the evaporation rate of your water & nutrients, saving money & resources.

Conventional Drip stakes emit water & nutrients only at one location on the growing medium, it is necessary to relocate the drip stake at some point during the harvest, using employees.

DRIPCAP have an even distribution of water & nutrients, completely covering the growing medium surface, efficiently and entirely, never having to relocate the DRIPCAP, saving on labor & costs.

Drip stakes allow Algae to easily form on the uncovered moist surface. In most cases labor is required to remove or scrape the Algae, weeds and grasses from growing.

DRIPCAP Covers the surface, blocking light and minimizing Algae saving money & labor from the non application of anti Algae products.

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4" Square Drip Cap

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